Timber Floors

Traditional Tongue & Groove Hardwood Flooring

We work with several quality hardwood suppliers and can offer a wide range of species, grades and board widths. If you have a requirement for a hard-to-find timber species, or want to match as close as possible to a timber species already existing in your home, we are happy to try and help you track it down.

Each species of hardwood has its own characteristics in terms of hardness, durability, affordability, tone and features. We can work with you to find the perfect timber for your home, investment or business space based on your preferences. 

As timber is a natural product, we have no control over variances in colour and features from tree to tree. Awareness of this should be considered when viewing samples of a species; samples are an indication only and we recommend viewing finished floors, in photographs or in person, to get a feel for how the species represents itself over a large area.

Timber flooring is graded as follows:


Select grade is selected to omit: knots, gum pockets, tight gum veins, and has generally less visible variance of characteristics. (It is important to remember that timber is a natural product and almost all types of species will have some degree of varying colour and characteristics, and as such, select grade is not guaranteed to be completely devoid of characteristics associated with the species type).
Standard grade does not mean the timber is of a lower quality than select or high/feature grade, it merely means that this grade of timber is allowed a higher percentage of the features selectively withheld from select grade, such as knots, gum veins, etc. As less time has been put into selecting out specific boards, and more of the available timber is able to be used, standard grade is generally more budget-friendly.



High/Feature grade is limitless and will have all character and features that are present in the timber when milled. This is the perfect type of flooring for someone who really wants to embrace all the variations that a timber floor can give us, and appreciates all the characteristics and variances in colour and tone that a specific type of timber can offer.

We invite you to have a look at our gallery for some examples of our work and flooring range.


The supply of timber types and various grades depends on the availability and processing of product from our various suppliers and their mills. We endeavor to find the perfect timber for you, however it is not uncommon for our suppliers to experience shortages in some ranges, so at short notice it may not be possible for us to provide what you may be after. 

We source our timbers through reputable local and interstate suppliers & mills who obtain their logs through managed sustained forestry aligned with the Australian Forestry Standard (AFS).